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2005 Sacred Sound Residential Retreat
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What Peolple Have to Say About Our Programs

" I went to the 2002 Sacred Sound Retreat with an intention for personal healing and a jump start for deepening my own shamanic healing work. Mitch and Two Horses did indeed provide a life changing experience. Impeccability, depth of knowledge, largeness of spirit and heart are but a few of the qualities of this remarkable duo. I experienced a healing session at the 9ways recent Sacred Sound annual retreat that helped restore my fire energy after months of fatigue. The Himalayan instruments have come to life for me now that I know their ancient uses and how to work with them with clear intention. Hands-on shamanic healing work plus the clear background knowledge of the cultural context they come from, made this very unique and powerful for all of us who had the privilege to be there. Their teaching style is clear and to the point and with a depth rising out of long years of research, dedication and experience. You can tell they really want you to GET IT, that they love what they do. I highly recommend their workshops for others either for personal healing or to deepen their own practices." Sandra from Arizona

" Your information humbled me and I'm a Teacher! Keep up the incredible work that you do."  Larry from New Jersey

" I cannot begin to explain how much your Retreat has helped me and my family, thank you so much."  Janet from Pennsylvania

"...I had an unbelievable, incredible time."  Mike from Connecticut

" I was so enlightened by last weekend's workshops. Much of my work has been confirmed that I am totally moving in the right direction, and now I have more information, tools, and inspiration to work from. I definitely want to continue to study. I have already applied what I have learned last weekend to a class of women who come from difficult and deeply depressing lives."  Taunya from New York City

"Just to update, loving using the Bhutan singing bowl and the new Tingshas...have had some marvelous experiences with...while do take care and look forward to any insights you may have for me..until then thank you again and take care!"  Bonnie from British Columbia

" I want to do your Retreat again and again..."  Cheryl from New York

" We are horribly late in thanking you for a wonderful workshop, but better late than never....we truly loved every minute, and appreciated all your wisdom and knowledge, as well as your lovely presence..."  Heather from Massachusetts

" Your retreat continues to enhance my spiritual growth and my relationship to creation."  Jane from Colorado

" What a wonderful workshop this past weekend at Pinewood, our hearts are still singing."  Peggy from Pennsylvania

" Your retreat was everything I hoped for and more! I especially enjoyed the class with the Peruvian Shamanic Vessels, and the Gong class was unbelievable...I'm still throbbing from that and it was a week ago! I will recommend your programs to everyone. Thanks again for a wonderful and inspirational time."  Ben from Ohio

" Thank you for broadening my horizons. For in the grand scheme, it broadens the healing of the planet, does it not?"  Denise from North Carolina

" I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible amount of energy you chose to share with us at the workshop, it was a very inspirational presentation."  Robert from Pennsylvania

" I really enjoyed your class last Saturday. I can't wait till your next workshop."  Marie from Connecticut

" I really appreciated all the information and knowledge concerning the Singing Bowls, I didn't realize anyone knew this much about them. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. The handouts were especially helpful, I look forward to more classes with you."  Sydney from Idaho

" I had no idea what the Shang was until I took your class, now I feel as though it is a part of me. I look forward to the Advanced Class you will teach this Fall."  Lucinda from Quebec

" I want more Gongs! Your class was terrific, inspiring, informational, what else can I say, but thank you."  Craig from Wisconsin

" I love you both. I was thinking that nothing could inspire me, boy was I wrong! Thank you for a wonderful workshop and weekend."   Francina from New Mexico

" I've taken many drum journey classes over the years, but your class was the real thing! The double drum journey I will never forget, very powerful. I am so glad I took your class."   Susan from Oregon

" Thank you for a wonderful workshop, and for bringing such a clear heart to the afternoon." Jonathan from Pennsylvania

" Thank you for the Level 1 Singing Bowls workshop! I feel I got something worthwhile and greatly enjoyed the experience."  Steve from Maryland 



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