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The Retreat site is just east of Asheville between Swannanoa and Black Mountain off of Interstate 40. The nearest airport is Asheville, but the Tri -Cities Airport in Kingsport, TN is about 40 minutes away. Charlotte is about 2 1/2 hours away, and the airport in Spartanburg, SC is just over an hour away. Atlanta is approx. 5 hours away. Most likely you will only find non-stop service to Charlotte and Atlanta. But, make sure to check with all the airlines at each airport.
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Asheville Travel and Transportation Information:

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For Information on Asheville and Black Mountain:

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28th annual Sourwood Festival- May 13th & 14th

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Cool mountain air and extraordinary vistas have always held an allure for travelers. Visitors drawn by an abundance of sulfur springs and invigorating mountain climate began arriving in Asheville by horseback or stagecoach almost as soon as the roads were built. By the 1850's, Asheville had established itself as a premier health resort. By the 1920's, Asheville had evolved into a vacation destination in vogue for the rich and famous - Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Today's visitors to Asheville ( known as the Paris of the South ) find an eclectic, energized and endlessly fascinating city and the mountains are still extraordinary. The Black Mountain area was also a favorite 'hang out' for Bertrand Russell, and Albert Einstein. Buckminster Fuller erected his first geodesic dome on the shore of Lake Eden not far from the Grey Eagle Lodge.
Home of the Cherokee - The culture and heritage of the Cherokee Indian Nation, whose hunting grounds once covered much of the South, can still be felt in Asheville and its environs. Located some 50 miles to the west is Cherokee, home to the eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation. The Cherokee called this land "Shaconage", the Place of Blue Smoke. We know it as the Great Smoky Mountains, one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth.

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2005 Calender of Events for North Carolina

Mileage Chart from major cities to Asheville

Atlanta: 206 mi.

Baltimore: 511 mi.

Boise: 2304 mi.

Boston: 911 mi.

Calgary: 2968 mi.

Charlotte: 114 mi.

Chicago: 744 mi.

Cincinnati: 361 mi.

Cleveland: 630 mi.

Dallas: 962 mi.

Denver: 1466 mi.

Detroit: 629 mi.

Houston: 1033 mi.

Jacksonville: 543 mi.

Knoxville: 111 mi.

Little Rock: 631 mi.

Los Angeles: 2354 mi.

Minneapolis: 1155 mi.

Missoula: 2267 mi.

Montreal: 1033 mi.

Nashville: 286 mi.

New Orleans: 705 mi.

New York City: 447 mi.

Oklahoma City: 987 mi.

Philadelphia: 611 mi.

Phoenix: 1971 mi.

Portland, ME : 1018 mi.

Portland, OR : 2738 mi.

Raleigh: 260 mi.

Roanoke: 234 mi.

St. Louis: 595 mi.

Toronto: 843 mi.

Salt Lake City: 1978 mi.

San Francisco: 2658 mi.

Seattle: 2759 mi.

Whitehorse: 4225 mi.

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