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This year's 5 Day Retreat will feature classes with Himalayan Singing Bowls, Peruvian Shamanic Whistling Vessels, Tibetan Singing Bells, Bonpo Shang, Human Femur Trumpet, Asmat Fue, Chinese Spouting Bowls, Tingshas, Shofar, Ocean Harp, Didjeridoo, Conch Shell, Gongs of the World ( we'll have over 20 with us ), Kabuni, Incan Shaman Whistles, Bullroarers, Sacred Chant, Phurba, Trumps, Harmonic Overtone Singing, Shamanic Drums, Xun, Monasatic Cymbals, Kotodama and the Human Voice, Tibetan Long Horns, Ancient History, Quantum Physics, and much more !
Registration Is Now Open !

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photo by Two Horses Running
Sacred Sound Retreat 2004

photo by Mitch Nur
Sacred Sound Retreat 2002

photo by Mitch Nur
Chinese Spouting Bowl

photo by Mitch Nur
Sacred Sound Retreat 2002

photo by Mitch Nur
Sacred Sound Retreat 2001

photo by Mitch Nur
Gong Class

photo by Mitch Nur
Sacred Sound Retreat 1998

photo by Mitch Nur
Bonpo Shang Class

We will also explore the works of Jenny, Tomatis, Chaldni, Pythagoras, Stapp, Pribham, Bohm, Emoto, Rife, Bohr, and more. Couple this with indigenous knowledge and science, sacred ceremony and ritual, and the compassionate teachings of the East; a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
Space is limited, and early registration is encouraged to insure your enrollment in this highly popular program. Please don't delay, we always turn students away who try to register at the last minute, we always sell out.
Meals are Vegetarian, and the Lodging is Dorm Style ( you must bring your own bed linens and pillow ). We strive to make this as affordable for all, and we have been able to offer this year's Retreat at a reduction from last year's fee. When was the last time you heard of the fee actually going down?
The 2005 Sacred Sound Retreat fee is just $775, which includes all meals and lodging. VISA and Mastercard is accepted. Call 215 - 538 - 2708 to Register or for more Information. If you would like a full color brochure mailed to you, just click on the email link below and request it.

Grey Eagle Lodge @ Lake Eden
Grey Eagle Lodge at Lake Eden

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The original and premiere Sacred Sound Retreat offered in the USA!