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9ways Advanced Retreat

The 2004 Sacred Sound Advanced Retreat is open to all former 9ways Sacred Sound Retreat students including this year's Retreat attendees. The purpose of this Retreat is to provide students with the opportunity to directly enhance their abilities; and to stimulate and fortify their spiritual practice. The Advanced Retreat culminates with the 'Black Class', which is specifically designed to propel the student to a higher spiritual level of accomplishment. Please note that no exceptions are allowed concerning requirements for this program. This Retreat is ONLY open to prior Sacred Sound Retreat students and 9ways reserves the right to refuse admittance to this advanced event.
Cost for this Program includes food and lodging.
$700 Semi Private/ 3- 4 to a room
$650 Camping
$600 Commuter ( includes all meals )
Please download a Registration Form by clicking on the Registration Form webpage. If you cannot download the form, email us and one will be sent to you.
Check in is at 7:30pm on August 28th. The Retreat will start at 10am on August 29th, and will conclude on the evening of September 2. The retreat fee includes lodging for 6 nights and meals for 5 days. If you would like to attend the 5 Day Sacred Sound Retreat ( Aug. 23-27 ) as a refresher, please ask about our returning student discount.

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