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Sacred Sound Workshop Retreat 2001

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Victoria with Native American Flute

Victoria with a Native American Flute

Gilded in Gold...Avalokiteshvara Tangkha

Avalokiteshvara Tangkha that hung in the main Retreat Room

Dean and Johnaton

Dean blows a Conch as Johnathon plays the Berimbau

Retreat Altar

Traditional Altar that was setup for the Retreat

Mickey blows the Asmat Fue

Mickey blows the indigenous bamboo trumpet of the Asmat Tribe...the Fue

Nancy with the Horned Helmet Conch Shell Trumpet

Nancy blows the the "Horned Helmet Conch Shell Trumpet"

Joy with a Tibetan Long Horn

Joy plays the 'Long Chen', Tibetan Long Horn

Medicine Buddha Tangkha

Medicine Buddha Tangkha that adorned the wall of the Retreat

Johnathon blows the 300 year old Tibetan Conch...the 'dung-dkar'

Johnathon blows the 300 yr.old Tibetan Conch...the 'dung-dkar'

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